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iOS Tweak Repo

As a part of the jailbreaking community, I decided to start developing free and simple tweaks for the public. Simply click the link down below and add the repo to your favorite package manager to enjoy. Note: Your device must be jailbroken

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Github Profile

Github is a place for users to share code and projects made in many different coding languages. I have used it to work on some projects, including the code for this website. Click the link further down to see my profile.

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Professional Portfolio

Entering a more professional enviroment, I created a webpage to host some of my projects and accomplishments. It provides a quick and easy way to provide both information about myself and display what I am capable of.

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Vyper Repo

iOS Tweak Repo for Jailbroken Devices


Axe is simple tweak to add changing colors to the battery icon. It goes down from a bright green at full battery to a dark red at low battery. It has a small two switch preference page with a non-respringing change applier.

Learn About Jailbreaking

The term "jailbreak" is the process by which full execute and write access is obtained on all the partitions of iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS. Packages are then installed via a package manager to modify system UI or functions


TransDock is another simple tweak with the purpose to make the app dock transparent. It has a simple one switch preference page with a quick respring to apply changes. It is quick, simple, and easy to use.

VyperDev Github

My Github profile of personal projects

Brute-Force Password Cracker

This is a proof of concept program I wrote, showing how programs like this work. It takes a user-given password and submits characters until the whole string is solved. In practice, this concept is much more difficult but aims to help people understand the importance of proper passwords.

AES Text Encryption

This is an Asymmetrical Block Encyption program. The program splits a user-given string of text and splits it into three sections, each with a different key. It supports most characters and was written in only 65 lines. My next goal with this is to have randomly generated keys.


p0tion was a work-in-progress jailbreak for up to iOS 14.3. The goal of a jailbreak is to allow users to have more control over their devices. I lead a team of about 4 people to try to make this program. But, following other developers' releases, my team's project was haulted and archived.

Professional Portfolio

A display of my abilities and accomplishments

About Me

A section that gives a lot of information about me. This includes my current abilities, what I want to learn, and my goals.


A section, like the Github one above, that gives three projects and in-depth descriptions of them. Also includes links to each project on Github


A special contact section that allows anyone interested to send an inquiry about me or the things I do. Open to anyone interested in talking with me.