Hello, I'm Ashton

I am a programmer, drone pilot, and security researcher. I'm currently an Engineering Technician at New England Plasma.

I develop and update programs frequently, commonly based on aspects of security. Most programs are open-source on my GitHub profile available down below.

I am currently enrolled in an Associates Degree in Cybersecurity and my goal is to become a CISO at a large company.


Discord Bot

A simple Discord bot developed for my friends server, ran locally from my Raspberry Pi 3B

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Block Encryption

A custom-made encryption program using three blocks and uniquely generated keys.

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An archived jailbreak project for iOS 14.x using the Cicuta Virsosa exploit.

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Drone Photography

I am located in Connecticut, and available for commissions for drone pictures and/or videos.

Freelance Work

I am available for hire for projects from either individuals or companies for programs and scripts.

Project Assistance

I am available to fellow developers and tech enthusiasts for free assistance with their own projects.

Drone Photography

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