I am a senior in highschool. I am a junior developer in Python, HTML, C++, and Objective C. While I do alot of development, my career path is in CyberSecurity and Information Technology. I have made a few projects involving these concepts as I wait to finish highschool and go to college.


Articles and Projects

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Jailbreak Tweaks

Starting in my jailbreak tweak career, I was featured in three articles. One for each of the programs I wrote, with one of them being featured in a "Tweaks of the Week" article.


A new tweak that adds a slow-shifting color gradient to the user's battery indicator.

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Best of the week

Following my two releases, Axe was featured in the "Tweaks of the Week" article.

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A simple and clean tweak to turn the homescreen dock invisible.

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Github Repositories

Github is a popular code sharing platform aimed to help developers collaborate with each other. I put any of my work-in-progress or finished projects in public repositories for easy access.

AES Block Encryption

A custom made AES Block Encryption program aimed at furthering my skills in cryptography. 

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p0tion Jailbreak

Following my two releases, Axe was featured in the "Tweaks of the Week" article.

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B.F Password Solver

A proof of concept Brute-Force password solver aimed at showing the importance of proper passwords.

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